Crime Scene Forensics

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The Crime Scene Forensics Section has three full time investigators,
Supervisor:  Sergeant K. Johnson
Investigator:  Corporal C. Fonville
Investigator:  Corporal C. Jenkins


ISB phone numbers:  318-441-6416 or 318-441-6460
ISB fax number:  318-441-6463

The Crime Scene Forensics Section is responsible for the collection, packaging, and processing of all major crime scenes in the City of Alexandria.  This Section responds to all unnatural deaths, whether homicide or suicide, all rapes, most crimes involving serious injuries and all business robberies.  The Crime Scene Forensics Section also assists Uniform Patrol with the processing of burglaries, fatal traffic accidents, arson cases and mass fatalities. 

The members of the Crime Scene Forensics Section are also responsible for training other officers and agencies in the various areas of Crime Scene preservation.  The Crime Scene Specialists use a variety of scientific disciplines to ensure that evidence is properly collected, packaged, and processed for later analysis.  Members of the Crime Scene Section have many tools that assist them in the identification of suspects in criminal offenses.  The Crime Scene Specialist uses the latest equipment and procedures in photography; physical, chemical and electrical processing techniques to obtain latent fingerprints.   The Crime Scene Forensics Specialist also uses computers, such as the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and video enhancement computers and software, to assist investigators.

The Crime Scene Specialist also works hand in hand with surrounding agencies that call for their assitance in criminal investigations.

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