News Release

News Release

Homicide Suspect Charged with New Offenses

On September 17, APD Detectives arrested Kayla Giles (AKA Kayla Coutee) on new charges from incidents that occurred before the shooting on September 8. Detectives submitted booking paperwork to the Rapides Parish Detention Center, where Giles was charged and booked. She was charged with a warrant for Domestic Abuse Battery from an incident reported on August 8, and a separate warrant for Theft $5,000-25,000 from an incident reported on September 5.

Kayla Giles, AKA Kayla Coutee
6509 Coliseum Blvd

APD Begins Full-Time Parks & Recreation Officer Program

The Alexandria Police Department is pleased to announce the formation of new role for one of our officers. Corporal Deshautelle will be assisting the Parks and Recreation Department as the new Parks and Recreation Officer.

Serving Alexandria’s youth remains an integral part of the City of Alexandria Parks and Recreation Department and Alexandria Police Departments mission. The program’s holistic approach to address issues facing our youth involves conventional recreation programming, community and law enforcement relations, educational assistance opportunities, health and wellness programs, and social and cultural development activities. The free programs offer youth a means to experience, gain knowledge, and formulate opinions on current issues affecting their community through discussion with experienced program staff, community agencies, and motivational speakers.

One of the first by-products of this program is to have a shared philosophy to include ALL youth, regardless of family background, socio-economic status, education, race, or gender. Efforts will be made to host regular activities and focus groups that includes youth, law enforcement, parents/guardians, mentors, community agencies, and churches. Youth will also complete community service projects to help their community and become stakeholders in their neighborhoods. Program staff and mentors also provide the tools to develop leadership skills, foster positive self-esteem, and provide positive relationships.

"When I took this job, I said we were going to focus on Community Policing, and I meant it" said Chief Jerrod King. "This type of involvement from the police department will allow youths to get to know officers in their community, and allows us to have direct contact with them to demonstrate a positive influence. It's critical that we, as law enforcement officers, are visible to the kids, and that we set the best possible example for them. This new position will be a cornerstone for our planned police athletic league, which will bring about even greater interaction between officers and the youth of the community."

The overall belief is that by taking an interest in the lives of our young people, they will feel that people actually care about them by actions, not words.

Cpl. Deshautelle will be on the job Monday through Friday. From 10 am to 2 pm, he will be out in the community visiting various schools and other community agencies. From 2 pm to 6 pm, he will be working with youths at Frank O. Hunter Parks, at the City's Recreation Center on Sylvester Street, and at other city recreational programs and activities.

Corporal Deshautelle


Hill Street Stabbing, Suspect Arrested

On September 8, around 9:15 pm, APD officers responded to a home in the 1700 block of Hill Street to a report of a stabbing. Officers arrived and contacted the victim, a 52-year-old man, who said that he had been stabbed by a man who was in an upstairs apartment. Officers saw the suspect looking out of a window and were able to communicate with him and convince him to come out of the apartment and surrender. The suspect, identified as Leroy Kyles, was placed into custody, and officers also secured a knife that was in Kyles' possession.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Kyles was arrested and charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, and was transported to the Rapides Parish Detention Center for Booking.

Leroy Kyles, 11/15/1956
1717 Hill Street, Apt. D, Alexandria

Homicide at Wal-Mart

On Saturday, September 8, around 11:15 am, APD responded to a report of shots fired at Wal-Mart on Coliseum Blvd. Upon arriving, officers found a 30 year old male subject lying on the ground who had been shot once in the chest. Emergency personnel responded and attempted to resuscitate the man, but were unable to, and he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Officers found the suspect, Kayla Coutee, 31, was still on scene, and she was taken into custody. Detectives and crime scene investigators were called to investigate and process the crime scene. The victim was identified as Coutee’s husband, whom she was meeting to exchange custody. The incident occurred in the outer section of the parking lot, with few other cars around. Coutee was transported to APD headquarters for interview.

There were three children present at the time of the shooting; none were injured. All three were taken to APD headquarters, where the Department of Children and Family Services were contacted to make arrangements for their care. The children were later released to the custody of family members.

Based on the information detectives learned in their investigation, Kayla Coutee was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder. She was transported to the Rapides Parish Detention Center and booked.

The name of the victim will be withheld for 24 hours to ensure all family members are notified. The names of the children will not be released.

Suspect Charged in Voyeurism Case at Local Gym

On July 12, the Alexandria Police Department was contacted by the proprietor of a local gym who had discovered a suspicious device inside a women’s restroom. The device had the appearance of a phone charging block, but had a small lens on the outside and a micro SD card slot. The camera device was taken as evidence and was analyzed, and several photo and video images were found on the device, however there was no physical evidence that linked a suspect to the crime.

Detectives began investigating the matter and a person of interest was developed. Detectives contacted the person and interviewed him, however at the time there was not sufficient probable cause to charge him with a crime.

On August 29, detectives were alerted to a second recording device located at the same gym. This device had the appearance of an activity tracking bracelet, and was collected as evidence. On the same day, detectives identified the suspect and were able to obtain a search warrant for his house. During the search, two computers were collected as evidence for forensic analysis.

Detectives enlisted the help of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective Division for forensic extraction of evidence from the computers. One computer was processed on August 30, however it yielded no evidence. The second computer, processed on September 6, obtained 95 videos of women inside the gym. There are approximately 32 separate females depicted; it is apparent that none are aware they are being recorded.

On September 6, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect, Shane Carruth, 29, of Alexandria. He was located at his residence and was taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the Rapides Parish Detention Center, where he was charged with 95 counts of Video Voyeurism, eight of which were of victims under 17 years of age.

“We are relieved to have this suspect in custody and off the streets,” said Chief Jerrod King. “We want to ensure that everyone feels safe from predators, whether they are at the gym, the grocery store, walking in the park or anywhere else. But in the restroom or changing room, or any other place where someone expects a degree of privacy and safety from voyeuristic eyes, it’s particularly important that we identify these predators and get them behind bars. This type of behavior is very disturbing, and the fact that some of the victims were juveniles only makes it more troubling.

“The fact that this incident occurred more than once is troubling, and we are fortunate that this time there was sufficient evidence to link the suspect to the crime. Although at times, officers may have a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘hunch,’ we have legal standards that we have to follow to make an arrest and have the case be prosecuted, and those standards simply weren’t met in July.

“I want to thank the owners and employees of CrossFit South Bank for their assistance in this case, and for bringing the matter to our attention. Yet another example of police and citizens working together to remove criminals from the streets. I also want to thank Sheriff Hilton and his detectives at RPSO for their help with the forensic analysis of the computers. And I especially want to thank and applaud the APD Detective Division-Person’s Crimes Unit for their superb work investigating this case.

“Lastly, I want to mention the lead investigator, Detective Jason Mouliere, and two detective supervisors, Sgt. Robert Distefano and Sgt. Carla Whitstine, for their tremendous work on this case.”

As yet, no bond has been set for Carruth.

Shane Carruth, 8/22/1989
2020 Clover Ln, Alexandria

APD Citizen Police Academy

The next Alexandria Police Department Citizen Academy is coming up soon. The Academy will begin October 3, every Wednesday evening from 5-8 pm until November 14. You must be at least 21 years old to attend this free training. There are limited spots, and preference will be given to those who live and work in Alexandria.

The citizen Police Academy shows citizens how the Alexandria Police Department operates. We hope a better understanding of how your police department works will improve the relationship between citizens and officers.

The Citizen Police Academy meets once a week for 7 weeks at the police academy. Classes consist of an overview of the Alexandria Police Department, patrol functions, a tour of the department, internal affairs, family violence, DWI enforcement procedures, explanation of the use of deadly force, pursuit policies, crime prevention, personal safety and crime scene investigation techniques.

“The citizen’s academy is a tremendous opportunity for the citizenry to have a greater understanding of their police department. This academy serves as an example of our commitment to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people that we serve. It also reinforces the principal that for the police to be successful we must have a genuine partnership with our community.” -Chief Jerrod King

Please complete and send or fax the application to:
Alexandria Police Department
Community Police Division
1000 Bolton Avenue
Alexandria, LA 71301
FAX: 318-441-6520

Homicide on Rosalie Street

On August 31, at around 5:40 pm, APD officers responded to a report of a man shot in the area of Bank Drive. Officers arrived in the area and witnesses directed them to Bank Drive and Rosalie Street, where they found a male subject, 34-years-old, who had been shot and was unresponsive. The scene was secured and EMS arrived on scene to transport the victim to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators were called to the scene to begin their investigation. They learned of a suspect who was described as a black male, wearing a black mask, black shirt and flip flops, who fled the scene before officers arrived. The investigation continues and further details will be forthcoming as they are ascertained. The victim's name is not being released at this time.

If you have any knowledge or information about this homicide, please contact the Alexandria Police Department at (318) 449-5099.

APD Motorcycle Officer injured in wreck

This afternoon, an APD Motorcycle Officer was injured in a vehicle crash on Coliseum Blvd and Skye Street. The officer, Corporal Daigre, was traveling west-bound on Coliseum Blvd when another vehicle entered from Skye Street and struck the officer's motorcycle. Cpl. Daigre sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

"As soon as I heard, I came to the scene, and I was relieved that he is okay," said Chief King. "Our officers' safety is and always will be the number one priority. This highlights how dangerous this job can be, even in everyday situations like driving down the road."

Two Arrested on Drug Distribution / Gun Charges

On August 28, two suspects were charged with possession with intent to distribute CDS charges after a search warrant was served at an Alexandria residence. The investigation, which has been going on for two months, was led by agents of the Central Louisiana Safe Streets Task Force, which is comprised of members of the Alexandria PD, Pineville PD, LA State Police, US Marshal's Task Force, and the FBI.

Two residents were at home when agents served the search warrant at 2044 Hill Street on Tuesday. During the search of the house, agents located approximately 2 1/2 lbs. of suspected methamphetamine and approximately 1 lb. of synthetic cannabinoids. Also found were packaging materials and other paraphernalia indicative of drug distribution. The search continued into the yard and parked vehicles, in which agents found more suspected cannabinoids and a handgun, which was determined to be stolen.

Both residents, Desmond Jordan, 40, and Selena Sanders, 33, were arrested and charged with Possession of CDS I with Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS II (400+ grams), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Jordan, who is on parole for drug-related charges, was also charged with Illegal Carrying of a Weapon with CDS, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Both subjects were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

"This is great police work," said Chief Jerrod King regarding the arrests. "I'm proud of our officers and grateful to the other agencies on the Task Force. It's important that people in the community know that we are fighting every day to keep dangerous drugs like methamphetamine off the streets.

"It's also important that the criminals in our area know that we're coming after you. If you're going to keep peddling drugs in Alexandria, we will spare no expense or effort to find you and make sure you spend time in jail."

Sanders was released on a $10,500 bond; no bond has been set for Jordan.

Desmond Jordan, 6/29/1978
2044 Hill Street, Alexandria


Selena Sanders, 03/04/1985
2044 Hill Street, Alexandria


Homicide Suspect Apprehended

UPDATE (8/26/18 @ 8:15 PM)
Ahmond Mason, 27, suspect in an August 22 homicide on Hynson Street, has been apprehended this evening.

Earlier this evening, APD received information from a concerned citizen that Mason was at Helen Black park on N. 15th Street in Alexandria. After receiving this information, the APD Patrol Delta Shift formed a plan to enter the park and take Mason into custody. Once officers were staged, they were able to enter the park and make contact with Mason and apprehend him without incident or injury.

"I'm extremely pleased with the action our officers took this evening," said Chief Jerrod King regarding the arrest. "This was an action they planned and executed well, and Mason was arrested safely without anyone getting hurt. Great police work. This is a fine example of what community policing is all about, the police and the public working together.

"We would like to thank the media and citizens of Alexandria and Rapides Parish for sharing Mason's information. We would also like to thank the US Marshal's Task Force for their efforts this week."

Mason will be booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

UPDATE (8/23/18 @ 2:01 PM)
Be on the lookout for Ahmond D. Mason, 27. He is wanted in connection with a shooting that occurred last night, August 22, on Hynson Street. Mason is considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

If you see Mason, or have knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the Alexandria Police Department Detective Office at (318) 441-6416, or after hours call Dispatch at (318) 449-5099.

INITIAL RELEASE (8/23/18 @ 8:20 AM)
On August 22, at around 10:15 pm, APD officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 2700 block of Hynson Street. When officers arrived they found a vehicle had been traveling on Hynson Street when someone shot at it. The vehicle then ran off the road, and then drove away from the scene.

Shortly after this information was received, the vehicle was located nearby in front of a house in the 0-99 block of Essie Street. The vehicle had bullet holes and broken windows, and there was blood in the car. In addition, a man was found lying on the ground near the car, apparently shot. The man was later pronounced deceased.

Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators were called out to the scene, and the investigation continues. The identity of the victim is not being released at this time.

Ahmond D. Mason, 7/17/1991

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