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News Release

Suspect Arrested for Commercial Burglary

On January 9, around 7:30 am, APD officers responded to a report of a a burglary of a business in the 800 block of Dallas Ave. Officers arrived and contacted the complainant, who identified the stolen items and said that a dolly had apparently been used to take the heavy items from the scene. Officers conducting the investigation found the point of entry, where the fence surrounding the property was cut. Tracks, apparently from the dolly, led aware from the fence.

Officers followed the tracks to a nearby house in the 2900 block of Cypress, where they continued into the house. Officers secured the scene and contacted the detective division to obtain a search warrant for the house. Once the warrant was obtained, officers entered the house and made contact with the occupants. One occupant, Jermen Rosenthal, 27, was arrested and charged with Simple Burglary. The stolen property from the business was located inside the house and recovered.

Jermen Rosenthal, 8/26/1990
No fixed address

Two juveniles arrested for burglary

On January 7, around 1:45 pm, a caller reported to APD that two young males were walking around the Marye Street, Bush Avenue area, looking over fences and pulling on door handles. Officers were given a description of the clothing they were wearing, and shortly thereafter located two males matching the description nearby, in the 600 block of Tennessee Ave. Officers saw the two males standing in the open door of an SUV parked there, and they were rifling through the vehicle. Officers made contact with the owner, who said he did not know the two males, and they had no business being in his car. He observed that nothing was stolen, however a laptop and other items inside the car had been moved.

The two males were identified as a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old juvenile and were charged with Simple Burglary. They were released to the custody of their parents.

Man Arrested for Burglary, Assault with Books

On December 20, around 9:15 pm, APD officers responded to the 3600 block of Masonic Drive in reference to an assault. APD Bike Patrol officers were nearby and had already begun pursuing the suspect, who ran behind a building in the 3400 block of Masonic Drive. The suspect continued to resist officers by attempting to flee, and then by refusing to cooperate with instructions. After a short struggle, during which no one was injured, the suspect was taken into custody. Officers noted that the suspect displayed signs of intoxication.

Officers returned to the 3600 block of Masonic Drive and contacted the complainant, who reported that he had been standing on the parking lot of a restaurant when he was approached by the suspect. The complainant said the suspect ran up to him without warning and threw a bundle of books (about 30) at him. The complainant was able to avoid being struck by the thrown books, and said the suspect then cursed at him and ran down the street toward Texas Ave.

Officers knew that there was a book store nearby, on Worley Drive, and went to the store to check it. They found a shed behind the book store that was open and contained books in bundles like the one the suspect had thrown. The suspect later admitted entering the shed and taken items from within.

The suspect, Robert Fink, 53, was charged with Disturbing the Peace by Public Intoxication, Resisting an Officer, Aggravated Assault, and Simple Burglary. He was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

Robert Fink, 10/05/1964
No Fixed Address

Man Arrested for September Armed Robbery

On September 22, APD Detectives began an investigation into a report of an Armed Robbery and Kidnapping. Initially, officers were dispatched to the former I-49 truck stop on South MacArthur Drive to look for a stolen camper. The victim reported that he had been held up at gunpoint and forced to drive the suspect around before abandoning his camper at the old truck stop. Officers found the camper on the lot as the victim described. After leaving the camper there, the suspect stole the victim's truck and fled the area.

Within a short time, detectives were able to identify the suspect, and obtained a warrant for his arrest. Detectives attempted to locate the suspect, who quickly fled the state. Several weeks later, the suspect was located and arrested on APD's warrant in San Luis Obispo, California. APD officers traveled there to take custody of the suspect, Kevin Warden, 33, and return him to Alexandria. On December 21, he was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail, where he was charged with Armed Robbery, Armed Robbery with a Firearm, and Aggravated Kidnapping.

Warden was also booked on an outstanding Pineville Police Department warrant for Aggravated Burglary, Carjacking, and Unauthorized Use of an Access Card Under $750.

Kevin Warden, 12/22/1983
69 Iris Drive, Covington, LA

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