Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Where citizens and police join together as partners

An Introduction to the Alexandria Police Department's Crime Prevention Strategies:

The National Crime Prevention Institute defines Crime Prevention as "The anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiative of some act to remove or reduce it". We like to think of the "Problem Oriented Policing Crime Triangle" when we develop strategies to deter crime. Three things must be present simultaneously for a crime to happen. There must be an offender, a location, and a victim or target. By interrupting or eliminating 1 side of this triangle, we can impact crime. Crime prevention strategies must involve a collaborative effort between:

  • Civic Organizations
  • Community Members
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local Government
  • Religious Organizations
  • Private Industry and Business
  • School Administration
  • Others

The Alexandria Police Department is committed to working with our partners in the community when it comes to Crime Prevention efforts. We must truly work together to ensure positive quality of life improvements to the greater Alexandria area.