Crime Victim Advocate

Crime Victim Advocate

Crime Victim Advocate - Beth Ponthier

Crime Victim Advocate - Beth PonthierThe Alexandria Police Department has been fortunate to have an in-house Victim’s Advocate since the start of 2018. We understand that the criminal justice process can at times be confusing and frustrating to victims and their families. The field of victim advocacy has developed over the years in order to assist crime victims in negotiating the process and availing themselves to both short and long-term services. In recent years, a number of law enforcement agencies nationwide have added in-house victim advocates with success. The immediate access to advocacy services is intended to streamline the process and also to provide limited short-term services to victims who may need immediate assistance while awaiting the availability of prosecution and court-based services.

The Alexandria Police Department responds to approximately 2,500 to 2,800 felony cases per year, of which approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of which are crimes against persons. As some crimes have multiple victims, this can total 4,000 victims per year. Each of these cases is handled by a detective, requiring significant personal attention. An investigator’s caseload can range from 250-500 cases annually. This caseload can at times impinge upon an investigator’s ability to provide personal attention to victim needs.

Additionally, the delays from the reporting of a crime to the arrest, the follow-up investigation, bonding issues, motions, referral for prosecution, and ultimately conclusion of the case can be daunting. The advocacy program exits solely to assist the victim(s) through this process. We will partner with other agencies, both law enforcement and service-based to better assure that the victim’s needs are met to the extent possible.

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