DWI Task Force

DWI Task Force

To increase enforcement of DWI laws and send a message to motorists who drink and drive, the Alexandria Police Department launched the DWI Enforcement Team in August 1998. As a dedicated DWI enforcement unit, the Task Force is able to concentrate its patrol efforts on apprehending drunk drivers. They focus on areas where DWI offenses are most likely to occur (entertainment areas featuring bars and nightclubs, for example) during times when most drunk drivers are on the roads (evenings, weekends and holidays). In addition, members of the Enforcement Team are able to provide support to regular patrol officers during peak offense times, relieving patrol officers by handling the lengthy processing of arrests.

The working relationship between regular patrol and the DWI Task Force increases the efficiency of the Department as a whole in removing drunk drivers from our roads. First, the Task Force increases the number of patrol units on the streets, making apprehension of DWI offenders more likely. At the same time, regular patrol officers who make DWI arrests are able to turn suspects over to the Task Force for processing through the system, allowing them to resume patrol duties and apprehend other DWI offenders. As a result, arrests have increased.

“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over"

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The DWI Task Force for the Alexandria Police Department can be contacted at: