General Information

Question: Where is the police department located and where do I park?

Answer: 1000 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, LA 71301 (corner of Bolton Avenue and Albert Street) Citizens may park on the Albert Street side of the Public Safety Complex.

Question: What are the police department hours?

Answer: General business hours at the Police Department are Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm with the exception of holidays. The Desk Sergeant and Shift Commander are available 24/7.

Question: I was a victim of a crime and the suspect was arrested. How do I learn if the suspect is still in the jail?

Answer: Crime victims have the right to know if the suspect has been released from jail. The best way to find this information is to call the Rapides Parish Detention Facility Center at 318-473-6750

Question: I think the people living next to me are selling drugs. Who can I call?

Answer: The best way to report a drug house in your neighborhood is to call the Alexandria Police Department Narcotics Division at 318-767-2585 and report the information. In addition, you can report the information anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 318-443-7867. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Question: I have some information on a crime that occurred several weeks ago that would probably help solve the case. Who do I call?

Answer: To provide information for a crime that has happened in the past, you can contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 318-441-6416. CID office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. After hours, information can be called in to the Desk Sergeant or Shift Commander at 318-449-5099. You can also report crime tips anonymously at Crime Stoppers by calling 318-443-7867.

Question: How do I find out which Detective is assigned to my case?

Answer: The Alexandria Police Criminal Investigations Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can call the CID at 318-441-6416 to be directed to the assigned detective. It is helpful if you have your report number at hand when you call to speed up your service.

Question: Do individuals leave fingerprints on all items that are touched?

Answer: No. Many factors determine whether a print is deposited including the condition of the individual’s fingers (oily, dirty, clean, dry, etc.), the type of surface touched (smooth, porous, dusty, etc.), and environmental elements (weather).

Question: How long does it take for evidence to be analyzed?

Answer: Analysis time varies from a few hours to several months.

Question: Do crime scene technicians respond to all crime scenes?

Answer: No, they respond to the requests of officers and detectives based upon the particular scene and circumstances.

Question: Can I report an abandoned vehicle?

Answer: Yes. Have the location and vehicle information (including license plate if possible) and call 318-449-5099.

Question: How and when can I file an accident report?

Answer: Accident reports not made on the scene with a police officer must be made in person at the Alexandria Police Department. An Involved party must provide the officers with their driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance. The APD does not take accidents that occurred in parking lots or on other private property. This type of accident should be reported directly to the insurance company. Accidents that occurred more than five days from the time they were reported will not be documented by the APD.

Question: How do I find out about Crime in my neighborhood or a neighborhood I am moving into?

Answer: There are various neighborhood associations that can be contacted, or you may contact the Public Information Office at 318-441-6420.

Question: How do I get traffic enforcement in my neighborhood?

Answer: Contact our Traffic Division at 318-441-6408.

Question: My identity was stolen, what do I do?

Answer: Identity theft and fraud reports have to be reported in person either by the victim reporting the incident at the front desk or a patrol officer being dispatched to the victim’s location. The APD does require documentation verifying the complaint. This documentation could be credit card or bank account transaction history, fraudulent loan applications or other fraudulent account bills and applications.

Question: Who is my Community Police Officer?

Answer: You should contact our Community Police Commander. You can also call 441-6462.

Question: Where can I learn more about Crime Prevention or keeping my home secure?

Answer: The Community Police Division has free information available to those who request it. Please call 441-6462 for more information.

Question: Do I have a warrant?

Answer: The Alexandria Police Department does not provide warrant information over the phone or on 3rd parties. If you believe you have a warrant, either appear at the Police Department or the Court you believe may have issued the warrant.

Question: Where do I pay my traffic or parking ticket?

Answer: Contact the Court listed on the face of the ticket.

Question: Does my child need to be in a child seat?

Answer:  R.S. 32:295.  Child passenger restraint system

A.  Except as provided in Subsections C, D, and E of this Section, every driver in this state who transports a child or children under the age of thirteen years in a motor vehicle which is equipped with safety belts shall have the child properly secured as follows:

(1)  A child younger than six years of age or weighing sixty pounds or less shall be restrained in a child restraint system as provided for in this Subsection that complies with standards of the United States Department of Transportation and is secured in the vehicle in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the child restraint system and the passenger seating position is equipped with a safety belt system that allows sufficient space for installation.  The child restraint system required for a child younger than six years of age or weighing sixty pounds or less is, in descending order of protectiveness, as follows:

(a)  A child who is younger than one year of age or weighs less than twenty pounds shall be restrained in a rear-facing child safety seat.

(b)  A child who is at least one year of age but younger than four years of age or who weighs at least twenty pounds but less than forty pounds shall be restrained in a forward-facing child safety seat.

(c)  A child who is at least four years of age but younger than six years of age or1 who weighs at least forty pounds but not more than sixty pounds shall be restrained in a child booster seat.  The requirements of this Subparagraph shall not apply in any seating position where there is only a lap belt  available and the child weighs more than forty pounds.

(2)  A child who is at least six years of age or weighs more than sixty pounds shall be restrained with the motor vehicle's safety belt adjusted and fastened around the child's body or in an appropriately fitting child booster seat in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the safety belt or child booster seat.

(3)  A child who because of age or weight can be placed in more than one category shall be placed in the more protective category.

B.(1)  The term "motor vehicle" as used in this Section shall not mean the following:  bicycle; farm tractor; motorcycle or motor-driven cycle; truck of manufacturer's rating carrying capacity of over two thousand pounds; ambulance or other emergency vehicle; school bus as defined in R.S. 32:1(62)(a) and (b); church bus, private bus, or recreational vehicle which has a passenger capacity of over ten persons; or commercial truck, van, or taxi.

(2)  The term "child restraint system" as used in this Section shall mean a lap belt, a shoulder harness, or an age- or size-appropriate child safety seat as required by this Section.

(3)  The term "child booster seat" as used in this Section means a child passenger restraint system that meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set forth in 49 C.F.R. 571.213 and is designed to elevate a child to properly sit in a federally approved safety belt system.

C.  When the vehicle is equipped with a passenger side air bag supplemental restraint system and the air bag system is activated, the driver of a vehicle transporting a child who is younger than six years of age or weighs less than sixty pounds shall transport the child in the rear seat positions in the vehicle, if rear seats are available.

D.  When the number of children under the age of thirteen in the motor vehicle exceeds the number of age- or size-appropriate passenger restraint systems and seat belts available in the motor vehicle, the unrestrained children shall be seated in a rear seat, if rear seats are available.

E.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply when one of the following conditions exists:

(1)  The motor vehicle is being used as an ambulance or other emergency vehicle.

(2)  An emergency exists which threatens the life of any person operating a motor vehicle to whom this Section otherwise would apply or the life of any child who otherwise would be required to be restrained under this Section.

(3)  Any child who would otherwise be required to be restrained under this Section who is physically unable because of medical reasons to use a child passenger safety system or safety belt.

F.  In no event shall failure to wear a child passenger safety seat system be considered as comparative negligence, nor shall such failure be admissible as evidence in the trial of any civil action with regard to negligence, nor shall such failure be considered a moving violation.

G.  Any operator of a motor vehicle stopped for a violation of this Section and against whom enforcement action has been taken shall not be guilty of a subsequent violation of this Section until after twenty-four hours have elapsed from the date and time of the violation as indicated on the traffic ticket.

Question: When does the Police Department auction off property and other items?

Answer: The Alexandria Police Department does not auction off property.

Alarm Permits

Question: I have a burglary alarm in my residence or business. Do I require a permit?

Answer: Yes. A citizen may obtain an alarm permit application by contacting the Alexandria Police Department’s permit section at 318-441-6492, or print out the form online (www.alexandrialapolice.org). Once the application is complete, mail the application and a check or money order in the amount of $20, to the address below (make check or money order payable to Alexandria Police Alarm Billing).

Alexandria Police Department
Alarm/Permit Section
1000 Bolton Ave.
Alexandria, LA 71301

Police records, reports, fingerprints, gun registration

Question: How do I get my fingerprints taken?

Answer: Fingerprints are taken at the Records Division, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. The cost for this service is $10.00 per fingerprint card.  The number to this Division is 318-441-6412.

Question: How do I register a handgun?

Answer: Firearm registration is not required in Louisiana.

Question: How do I obtain a copy of an accident or incident report?

Answer: Accident and Incident reports may be obtained by coming to the Records Division located in the Public Safety building, 1000 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, LA.  The number to this Division is 318-441-6412.

Internal Affairs Unit

Question: If a complaint is made against an officer, are criminal charges dismissed?

Answer: No, making a complaint against an officer will not get criminal charges dismissed, your case will still need to go through the regular court process.

Question: Can the Alexandria Police Department take a complaint about an employee from another agency?

Answer: No, APD IAU only takes complaints about APD officers and civilian employees.

Question: Charges were not filed against the suspect in my case. Does this mean the officer was not diligent in their duties?

Answer: No, the decision to file charges against a suspect ultimately lies with the City Prosecutor or the District Attorney’s Office. Having charges denied does not necessarily mean the officer was not diligent in their work.

Question: Doesn’t an officer have to read me my rights when they arrest me?

Answer: It depends on the circumstances, but the simple answer is no. Miranda warnings (“rights”) are usually read to a suspect who is in custody prior to being questioned as the suspect in an investigation. Many arrests do not involve questioning at the point of the arrest and therefore Miranda warnings are not needed.

Question: Do I need to come down to the Police Department to make a complaint against an employee?

Answer: Yes, complainants must be taken in person. Internal Affairs can be reached by calling 318-441-6529.