Mission Statement

The men and women of the Alexandria Police Department are dedicated to providing exemplary law enforcement services; through meaningful community partnerships, innovative problem solving solutions and the promotion of public safety to protect citizens by remaining dedicated to our core values of service to others, honor, integrity, excellence, loyalty, and dedication.


Departmental Values


Service to Other

  • We will always remember that the foundational aspect of law enforcement is that we are in the service to others before self


  • We will always strive to maintain the trust placed in us by our citizens
  • We will never behave in any manner that discredits ourselves and the men and women who have sacrificed themselves in service to our city, state, and nation
  • We will uphold the ideals of internal procedural justice


  • Ethics, both personal and organizational, are vital to our mission
  • Treating all individuals with respect and courtesy is essential
  • The principle of all our duties must be carried out in a fair, equitable, and honest manner that adheres to the constitutional rights afforded to all
  • Honesty remains the cornerstone for all of our thoughts and deeds


  • Excellence in the execution of police services will be based on hard work, dedication, enhanced training, attentive and steady supervision, opportune use of resources, and most importantly the support of the community we serve


  • We adhere to the ideal of loyalty to our oath of our office, our department, our city, our state, and our nation but most importantly to our citizens
  • Loyalty to the police code of ethics will always remain at the forefront in all of our actions


  • We will remain focused on crime prevention and the protection of our community, regardless of any hardship or barrier
  • Diligent in our efforts to building, improving, and maintaining quality relationships with our citizens


Departmental Goals Statement

Through the adherence to the ideals set forth in our departmental mission statement the men and women of the Alexandria Police Department are dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  • Creation of new and the expansion of existing community partnerships, such as teen mentoring, police athletic programs, and educational resources
  • Prevention of crime by reducing the opportunities for criminal activity through the increased use of intelligence/data driven methods
  • Creating and maintaining an enhanced feeling of safety and security throughout the city through the encouragement of problem solving methods instead of reactionary policing
  • Identification and apprehension of criminal offenders through the use of expanded repeat offender identification procedures
  • Facilitating the safe movement of vehicles and persons in the city through the identification of areas where increased vehicle crashes are occurring and conducting high visibility patrols along with educating the public
  • Assessing the departmental needs and progress through a process where each shift, unit, and bureau establishes yearly goals along with a plan to achieve those goal