Intelligence Section

Intelligence Section

Intelligence Officer - Corporal Wade Bourgeois

Intelligence Officer - Wade BourgeoisThe responsibility of the Criminal Intelligence Section is to gather or collect information, analyze, record and report, and disseminate this information to Law Enforcement Agencies concerning types of crime, identified criminals, and known or suspected criminal groups, in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor criminal activity, locally, nationally, and world wide.

The Criminal Intelligence Section is particularly useful when dealing with organized crime, such as Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Street Gangs, and suspected Terrorists.  Intelligence is developed by surveillance, informants, interrogation, and research, or may be just picked up by "street talk" and is also a proven tool in the fight against crime.

Please report any suspicious activity to the Alexandria Police Criminal Intelligence Section, in order to better keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

Contact Information

The Intelligence Officer for the Alexandria Police Department can be contacted at: