Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Officer - Lieutenant Wesley Mathews

The Internal Affairs Section acts on behalf of the Chief of Police, as a staff investigative body with the following major purpose:

  • To assist in maintaining Department integrity.
  • To identify personnel guilty of misconduct, so that they may be retrained and corrected or disciplined through proper administrative action.
  • To protect innocent members.
  • To monitor the complaint investigation procedures and ensure that appropriate action is taken in all cases.
  • To identify members who display a trend towards unacceptable behavior.
  • To coordinate with the Alexandria Regional Police Academy on training needs which might minimize undesirable practices caused by misinterpretation of procedures.

Information needed for a complaint     

Have dates, times, names and descriptions available for the investigator at the time of complaint. Provide as much detail as possible. Also provide information about where you may be contacted during the investigation.

What to expect during the investigation

After making the complaint, either by phone, mail or in person, the supervisor or inspector will tell you who specifically will be conducting the investigation. The investigator will also explain to you how to keep in touch with them during the investigation. You may feel free to contact the investigator at any time to inquire about the investigation.

When the investigation is concluded

Complainants will receive a phone call or a written notice, from the Internal Affairs Investigator, with the findings of the investigation.

**WARNING:  Filing a False Police Report is a CRIME. Violaters will be prosecuted!

Contact Information

The Internal Affairs Division Investigator for the Alexandria Police Department can be contacted at: