Internship Program

Internship Program

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Alexandria Police Department’s Internship Program to offer college students, who are interested in a law enforcement career, an enlightening, rewarding, and educational experience.

Purpose Statement

The objective of the program is to provide a meaningful educational and work experience to the selected interns; as well as present an opportunity to assess the police profession first hand.


Our internship offers students an opportunity to observe and work in various units of the police department such as Juvenile Investigations, Adult Investigations, Crime Scene Unit activities, Traffic Enforcement, Patrol Communications and Special Investigations. Students will learn about the departments staffing, mission, activities, records, and services. Internships are composed of both observations and administrative work. Students are not required to major in Criminal Justice.

A background investigation will be conducted on ALL interns.


The intern selection process will be competitive due to the limited number of positions available. A qualifying student must be considered full-time student at a nationally accredited college or university and the following:

  1. Must be a high school graduate and currently attending college
  2. Shall possess a valid driver's license
  3. Shall be in good standing with the sponsored university
  4. Shall be at least 18 years of age AND sponsored by an accredited university.
  5. Shall be drug-free and have no convictions for driving under the influence of drugs
    1. Marijuana use will be viewed in the context of the applicant’s age at the time of use, the recency of use, and the frequency of use. No marijuana use will be allowed within 2 years of the date of the application.
    2. No other illegal drug use within 7 years of application
      1. Combined use of other drugs besides marijuana must not exceed 5 times. This includes but is not limited to: marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, anabolic steroids, ecstasy, LSD.
    1. No sale of any drugs
    2. No pattern of abuse of legal or legend drugs (including steroids)
  6. Shall not have a conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (DUl), or operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content in excess of the legal limit as set by state law.
  7. Shall have no felony convictions
  8. Shall have no convictions for any misdemeanor
    1. The Chief of Police will make decision on certain misdemeanors
  9. Shall not have received other than an honorable discharge from the military, or other discharge with honorable conditions
  10. Must receive college credits for the internship
  11. Have not been convicted of or pleaded guilty to or entered a plea of “nolo contender” to any felony charge or to any violations of any federal or state laws or city ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor or controlled substance

Intern Selection Process

Application Packet Submission (to include transcript and an official letter from your schools’ intern coordinator or advisor)

Background Investigation


Fingerprint submission

Acceptance or Denial to the program

Application Process

All applicants must initially contact their college or university’s internship coordinator or advisor to ensure all school requirements have been met and that you are eligible for our internship. An official document from your school stating your eligibility and the hours needed to fulfill the internship must be submitted with your application. Application packets are to be mailed to:

Deputy Chief Cedric Green
Intern Coordinator

Alexandria Police Department

(318) 441-6401

Compensation / Wages

Interns will NOT receive any monetary compensation. All students must incur their own tuition and housing expenses.

Application for Internship

To apply for an internship position with APD, please print the internship application and mail completed forms to the above listed address for the Background and Recruitment Unit (registration is free).



Internship Program Application

Contact Information

Deputy Chief Cedric Green
Intern Coordinator
Alexandria Police Department
(318) 441-6401