Juvenile Division

Juvenile Division

The mission of the Alexandria Juvenile Division is to conduct criminal investigations and answer public complaints involving at risk youths. 

A juvenile’s first encounter with the legal system is often with a police officer. For this reason, Juvenile Detectives are specially trained to enforce the law while trying to get help for the underage offender. The Juvenile Detectives are expected to be part social worker, administrator and crime fighter.

Our goal is to address juvenile crimes and methods of diverting at risk youths from the Juvenile Justice System. It is our policy to aggressively investigate any incident involving a juvenile as a victim or perpetrator of a crime.

In the Louisiana Revised Statues Title 14:92.1 (B) and the Louisiana Children’s Code Article 116, a juvenile is defined as any child under the age of seventeen.

Contact Information

The Juvenile Division for the Alexandria Police Department can be contacted at:

Fax:  318-441-6463