Mother Charged in Child’s Death

Mother Charged in Child’s Death
  • Posted on: 23 July 2019

(7/23/2019, 1350 hrs) An Alexandria woman has been charged with Second Degree Murder in connection with the death of her 5-year-old child on July 17.

Early that afternoon, the mother, Jasmine Anderson, brought the girl to a local hospital emergency room where doctors determined the child was deceased upon arrival. Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators were called to the scene to conduct an investigation.

According to the initial report, Anderson said they had been in a vehicle crash which caused injury to the child’s neck. For several hours, officers attempted to locate the area where Anderson claimed the crash occurred, however no evidence of any vehicle crash could be found. The injury also did not seem consistent with what would occur during a crash.

At approximately 4 p.m. July 18, APD Traffic Officers located the scene where the incident took place and evidence indicated it was not a vehicle crash as described by Anderson. Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators responded and continued the investigation. An autopsy, performed on July 18, confirmed the child died from an injury to her neck.

After a thorough investigation, and with cooperation from the District Attorney’s office, Detectives obtained a warrant for Jasmine Anderson’s arrest for Second Degree Murder. On July 23, Detectives contacted Anderson in Bunkie and placed her under arrest. She was transported to the Avoyelles Parish Detention Center and booked, then transferred to APD’s custody for interview. Following interview, she will be booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

“I want to thank all of our officers who worked so hard to investigate this case,” said Chief Jerrod King. “The wrongful death of a child is a horrible thing to see, and these men and women have maintained their professionalism and pursued the case with their customary diligence.

“I want to specifically commend Sergeant Butler and Corporal Daigre of our Traffic Division, who spent hours painstakingly recreating the suspect’s movements and discovering the location of the crime. I also want to thank District Attorney Phillip Terrell, with whom we’ve been working on this case since the beginning to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.”

The case is still being actively investigated, and the release of information must be carefully restricted due to the sensitive nature of the crime. Further information may be forthcoming as it is gathered and confirmed, but certain details, such as the location of the crime, are not being released at this time.

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Jasmine Anderson, 3/28/1995
1616 Princeton Street, Alexandria