SWAT / Street Team

SWAT / Street Team


The Alexandria Police Department’s SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactics) was created in 1998. APD’s SWAT was created to deal with incidents requiring a level of police response that exceeds the equipment, training and manpower limitations of the Uniform Patrol Division. The SWAT team primarily responds to hostage situations, barricaded violent offenders, high risk warrant service, dignitary protection, riot control and other types of missions delegated by the Chief of Police.

This SWAT team consists of officers who are specially trained and equipped to respond to these types of incidents and bring them to a safe conclusion.  They have specialized equipment such as night vision, thermal imagers, ballistics protection equipment, superior lethal and non-lethal weapons, armored vehicles, and other equipment.  Our SWAT team’s mission is to save lives and protect the citizens of Alexandria.

Street Team

The Street Team is primarily responsible for targeting criminal activity such as street level narcotics, prostitution, armed robbery and other offenses. They assist the Uniform Patrol Section with responding to crimes in progress, large disturbances and other matters.  The team consists of five officers and two sergeants. The team's members are also members of the department’s SWAT team.